The long road through a professional school.
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Signing off.

Another day comes to an end. Long day of classes all in the same lecture theatre. We’ve started calling it schwartz wednesdays. I made it though the day with an ample amount of gum chewed, caffeine, and spring rolls from the hospital cafeteria which are amazing. Studying hard for a final in path and micro on friday, because thursday we have a mentor meeting. Its cool how dentists in the community come out to mentor us and to help us through school and the transition into the career. I wonder how they can help me get out of Manitoba and into Kelowna ha ha!

On another note, Del and I decided were going to get our longtime friend who’s become a youth pastor to marry us. I’ve also got a string quartet quoted out and ready to rock!

Sept 9th

Operative practical today, the “drill and fill” portion of dentistry. Arguably (by some profs) to be the most important class. Although it is important in building are handskills, it is not the sole course that will decide the quality of dentistry I will produce. There’s a reason why at the end I will get to call myself a doctor and not a technician. It’s because I’m being taught the foundational theory of why the tooth is decayed (both physiologically, anatomically, and socio-economically), why I’m choosing to this specific treatment, why this person is a good candidate for restorative treatment, what material I’m using & how it will react/last in the oral cavity, and how this work will impact this person’s quality of life from a simple smile to warding of chronic oral conditions which have been tied to systemic inflammatory diseases.

At this stage were still drilling plastic but will switch to real extracted teeth to get the “feel”. I will also have my first operative patient after Christmas. I’m not really nervous because I trust myself and my teacher’s trust us after evaluating our operative skills.  It will be a good time!

At the moment heres my course breakdown:

Oral Pathology (cancers to canker sores)

Operative dentistry (drilling and filling to meet structural requirements so teeth don’t break based on what your putting in them)

Cariology-study of cavities 

Removable prosthodontics-making dentures

fixed prosthodontics- making teeth into crowns and bridges

Dental Materials

Into to comprehensive care-Treatment planning and learning the basis of treating patients in the school clinic setting

Pain and Anxiety-giving needles and anaesthetic 

Micro & pathology-because bacteria do these things

Dental Public health-learning about dentistry on a population basis vs. an individual basis.

Periodontics-treatment of teeth and gums in bad conditions/states

Major Organ systems- A little bit of physiology in there (because we’re doctors…of the mouth). 

Overall, this keeps me busy but I feel I’m getting a quality education! 

On another note the new Iphone came out today. I remember 3 years ago the 4s came out and I transitioned from my “dumb phone” an old samsung slider that vibrated when ever it felt like to the 4s. I remember I was in Victoria and the days were starting to get grey, signaling the oncoming winter. On October 31st I got the phone from a friend of mine who worked at rogers and when I came home with it, it was like I came home with a newborn child. All my roommates wanted to see it. Funny how time flies but the memories can remain so vivid. The 1st pic I took was of our carved pumpkins.

Good times.

Some alginate impressions we’ve taken for our dentures class off a mannequin. This will serve as a base to pour dental stone into to make a model to fabricate a custom tray on. The reason for this being that the metal tray here won’t cut it when it comes time to take an impression of detail to capture the anatomy required to have dentures sit properly.

One month into year 2

Ah yes. Year 2. I remember hearing about you from people who have graduated the program. I remember hearing someone in my class say when they told a dentist they got in, “congrats! Year two sucks!” So here we go. So far one month in it’s been fast and furious. When I started on August 11th, I had an idea of what I was getting into. I actually had  private funeral for my social life on august 10th. It was a weird feeling. And on top of that, just to make things more busier, I proposed to the love of my life and now have a wedding to plan. Not that that’s something to complain about, just it’s another challenge in the balance of a finite resource called time. 

My day goes like this: Wake up at 6:15, check my iphone for e-mails, check the touch of modern app, fall asleep, catch the 6:25 alarm, make some red-rose tea, scrambled eggs and toast and peanut butter, watch how bad the world is on CBC network, pack my lunch and bags and get picked up by my good friend who I carpool with to school. 

Once there I usually crash on a couch on the student lounge and get recharged by being around my classmates. They’re the best people I know. 

Recently, we’ve been going from 8:00-5:00 lectures/labs and get out to hit rush hour in traffic. By the time you get groceries and settled in its about 7:00 and I spend until 10 pm studying. By 10:30 I’m gearing things down and preparing to do it all over again. I’m reading catching fire, watching Dr. Who, and playing guitar in my spare time.

See you all later, and remember to brush those chops!

a new project

Ive started something up over on this blog here:

I’ll try and keep a journal on what I’m up to because I’m sick of facebook and actually want to have something to look back on and remember my time in dental school.